Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Gotta start somewhere! Intro!

Originally posted in 2006. - Let us begin with an introduction. I'm Donna. I'm the content manager of Doug and Lisa own the site. I started sewing as a young child and re-discovered it when my children were born. I've never stopped. I like making something out of nothing, recycling old fabrics and jeans, and making things from new fabrics as well. I make clothes, quilts, doll clothes, pillows, whatever strikes my fancy. I even made a bandana baby recently just to try it. This is not just a place for my thoughts; it's also a place for yours. Bring your sewing thoughts and ideas and join me. Reminisce. Plan. "Talk" out loud. It's a sewing kind of blog.
05/31/10 - Time to update this introduction. I'm still Donna. I haven't been the content manager for for some time now. I've been through several iterations of sewing sites and have settled on none. I keep the ZenSewing blog to show projects, talk about sewing, show off what I'm doing, and kind of to keep myself "out there" in the sewosphere. I still sew almost every day and just today posted pictures of some recycled denim pillows I've made. Some of the posts need to be updated and photos added as when they were imported from various places, the content didn't make it in full, but it'll get done. Comment anytime you like. It's my sewing world and  you're invited to join it.
01/16/11 - And another update.  The site has evolved once more. I am transitioning site information to the blog (now the ScrapStitching and ScrapSewing blog) and keeping projects and tutorials and organized photos on itself. The goals are simple - pass along sewing knowledge, continue to show and encourage people to "sew green" (funny, I've been "green" for a lot longer than I even knew the term!), and providing free projects and information to anyone who wants it. I still maintain and it's one of the only comprehensive sewing glossaries on the web. And with that, know that I'll get photos up on the old blog entries that need them re-added, and that you'll always find something minutely interesting out here in ScrapStitching land!

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  1. Christina email: sun_also_rises@hotmail.comApril 29, 2006 at 4:00 PM

    Hello Donna!I am a "sometimes seamstress." I've sewed dresses with my Mom in the past. Since I've been in school. I haven't had much time.Which brings me to a quick question: have you seen any patterns for graduation hoods? I'd like to make mine (just the hood) so I could keep it. It doesn't seem too difficult, but I would want a pattern...Any thoughts?thanks!Christinaemail sun_also_rises at hotmail dot com