Sunday, April 2, 2017

On Golden Pond Costuming - Let's get started

I am fortunate enough to have been asked to costume On Golden Pond for the Williamsburg Players. They're in early rehearsals now, so I'm in the planning and early making stages myself. Right now, I have two formerly white dress shirts in the dryer. They're now blue and one will be a short sleeved USPS shirt and the other a long sleeved USPS shirt. To go with them, the director wants a certain hat, so I'm currently hand sewing a fabric printed emblem onto the hat:
Don't want to show too much just yet! My daughter helped with the artwork search and then I printed what will be all the patches for Charlie's uniform on fabric. The shirts have a couple emblems as well. This is the fun part!

I have a long way to go and I'll take you with me through the process. Tonight, I'll get my bio information together for the program and work on mapping out the characters and when they'll wear certain clothes.

Double bonus for this show, I get to work back stage too! Already got my black pants and tees ready to rock and roll. All of mine are about 10 years old and in really bad shape. A girl needs new black stuff, right?

If you're local, get your tickets early. It's gonna be a great show.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Updated my Etsy page, Peter Max bags and stuff

I've probably mentioned that I've been collecting Peter Max fabric for years. I was a big fan when I was a teen and just started picking it up here and there whenever I saw it recently. Now, it's time to put it to use and pass it on to others. I had always planned on making tote bags. And so I did.

Feel free to have a gander at other views of the bags on my Etsy page:

I was sort of burned out on making tote bags, but these are a little different. They're lined and the pockets have a Velcro closure. They're a step above simple library bags like the ones I made for CDR. This is not another 100-bag project! Whew.

My favorite of the Peter Max fabrics is the flowery one shown below in the two alike bags. The circle fabric was trimmed out of a full sheet. I have several other designs I'll use eventually from sheets, pillowcases, fabric runs, curtains, etc., but for today, this is it.