Saturday, August 16, 2008

Loose ends...done

Wow, I can't believe I did it. I finished a fairly big project yesterday. I'm planning a yard/craft sale for 9/20. Having decided that, I decided also to make a slew of potholders and bibs. I've been working on 12 potholders and 5 bibs production style - doing the appliqué work, putting them together, machine quilting them, adding the binding (both machine and by hand), and then adding finishing touches finally yesterday (hanging loops for the potholders and closures for the bibs). I can't believe they're finally done! Now what?
I'm not one to be without a sewing project, so last night, I took apart a pair of Polo overalls (kid sized) and started designing a girl's Harley Davidson theme. This morning, I added a leather (vinyl) strip to the front bib pocket and a Harley shield emblem on top of that. I put the pocket back on. Now my plan is to add a shield to the back (from a bandanna) and then the ruffles on the legs. The ruffles will be Harley bandanna fabric alternating with flames fabric. Those will most likely go for sale on eBay as I wouldn't expect to make any money on them at a yard sale. I have about 10 pair of overalls to work on and have thousands of ideas. Strawberry Shortcake, firemen, dogs, Christmas, etc., etc., etc. I wish I could do it all!
I've also been collecting black Christmas fabrics. With that and the "leather," I'll be making Harley Davidson Christmas stockings. I'd like to have a few done for the yard/craft sale, but they may be online items instead.
Lastly, I'm planning some blouses for winter. I've lost a considerable amount of weight and, darn the luck, can't wear a lot of what I wore last winter. I have some kicky prints and some fun patterns to play with. I want to do a couple of block tops and maybe a block T-dress (I found an old one I had that I can use as a pattern).
I sew every day. Do you? It makes me feel right.

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