Thursday, July 30, 2009

Walmart woe!

Shock, horrors! The WalMart a few miles from me has fabric no more. I was in the store last night picking up a cordless phone and walked over to the fabric department to pick up some black cotton blend for Halloween bags. The shelves which one sported quilting fabrics, interfacing, novelty prints, and cottons were filled with colorful pillows. The table that held the flat fold remnants was gone. The rows of fabric bolts were filled with bedspreads and a variety of home decorative items. My fabric! It is gone. The pattern stand, threads, and zippers were still there, but the thread rows are, excuse the pun, thread bare. I suspect they'll disappear soon too.
I now have a Hancock Fabric Store and the online world for purchasing fabric. Time to visit yard sales, thrift stores, and all those other fun alternate sources of fabric, but dang! No more 24-hour shopping for notions, threads, and whims of amusement.


  1. I was dummed too when I found out the fabric was gone. I don't get to sew a lot but miss it just the same.
    I found out during Oct when I was on a the hunt for fabric to make a Star Wars, Princess Leia costume.

  2. We have a Hancock here, but I have so much fabric right now that I never need to buy again. of course, one's stash is never complete, so I end up picking up this and that on line or at yard sales. I do go to Hancock when I absolutely have to, but I spend way too much, so I try not to go there too much.