Monday, August 3, 2009

Sewing tonight!

I tend to work too much and sew too little. I have left my evening free for sewing. I will even move a small television into the sewing room/office and have the table ready for it. I have a child's blouse/smock cut out of Smurf fabric and am embellishing the sleeves with some retro trim and will use vintage buttons for the front. I have yet to cut out the pockets as I want to match the print of the fabric, so it will take some planning and fussy cutting. I also want to add a lining to the yoke, so will cut that out and incorporate it. I don't like leaving itchy seams on a kid's shirt. It feels good to be working on a garment. I have a lot of the Smurf fabric left, so I'll figure something out! I'm still using threads I have on hand and keep my serger threaded with off white thread; it seems to go with just about anything. Frugal sewing ... that's me!

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