Monday, July 19, 2010

Life is a bit complicated right now, and yet, I find that I need to try and sew a little something every day. I'm almost done with the bee potholders and am really liking the way they're turning out. I'll have pictures of the finished products soon. The tops are made, the sandwiches of top, batting, Insulbrite, and back are made. Now it's time to complete the machine quilting around the bees themselves and make and apply the bias binding. I've made the decision to use the gold bandana and the bee fabric for the binding. I'll make fabric with non bias strips and then cut the bias strips and make the binding from that.

One of the ways I help myself fall asleep is to complete sewing projects in my head or create new ones as I ease off into the realm of sleep. I have so many specialty fabrics in my stash that I am vacillating between Christmas stockings, tote/grocery bags, placemats, and other small kitchen accessories. I have a couple patterns for tops I want to cut out for myself. I also have fabric I'd like to make pants with. For now, though, time is an issue, so I'll work on designing those items as I drowse and nod in bed.

Though it's not specifically project oriented, I am finding that sewing still helps me keep myself centered and brings me back to a place of my own when there is chaos all around me. I can focus and simply be. That, again, is the zen of sewing, and I hope it rings true for you as well. Sewing is our friend. Our very good friend.

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