Thursday, May 19, 2011

Want to make some placemats?

Over on the right side of the page is a link to projects I've created over the years. Today, I posted a project for placemats. I worked for for a while and part of what I did was make "stuff" and photograph the steps along the way. I have made placemats like these a bazillion times and decided it was a perfect fit for an online tutorial.

So, while I continue to be on vacation, I'm still playing with some of the sewing projects I've done online. Feel free to make the idea your own!


  1. I have made so many of those since I fisrt joined your group many years a go. They are always a big hit.


  2. Nonie, I remember our conversations about placemats. I have photos of yours somewhere on the laptop. I'll be getting all the old projects together and linked to the blog. Feel free to share. They will always be free. We can't teach enough people to sew, can we? Keep it going!!