Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Egypt Play

I collected and made various props for The Egypt Play this summer. Included in stuff to make was a mummy. My good old children's clothing model (and my dog), pool noodles, and duct tape got me started.
An old mattress pad and more duct tape started the body formation. There are pillows in the body form and in the head. 
Lots of wrapping and a spray of tea and coffee for aging, and my buddy was done. I used 2 bottles of Elmer's glue too!

Crishawn and Rose had to have a picture with the mummy. Funny, I never named it. 
No mummy is complete without its mummified cat! You can see the cat on the stage in the picture below, just barely.  
This is the view of the stage when the "boat" was not yet a boat and the marketplace was set up. 
We needed puppets that depicted 20 Egyptian slave women. I chose to do them with batting, fabric, felt bodies, and gold bias binding. On the other side are the same women without their garb. Weathered hemp was used to hang them on a black rod. This is one of 3 rows of puppets on the rod that was finally used. 
I had to make a travel guide based on one from the 1880s, and this is now it started. Glue and clothes pins. Bottle 3 of Elmer's glue was opened for this one. 

There was more involved in the play than this (the Nile was represented by yards and yards of light blue sheer fabric), but this is pretty much the stuff that I made. I was on stage for this one dressed in black with a scarf around my head. You wouldn't have known it was me if I didn't tell you ahead of time. 


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