Sunday, August 22, 2010

How to sew and a free beginning sewing book on line.

I was going through some old notes I had printed off the internet related to sewing. In the folder, I found something I've been looking for! Can you believe it? I often print things to refer to later or to try a project or for ideas to expand upon. The thing I found was this - the URL to the free sewing book online brought to you by Craft and Fabric Links

If you're new to sewing, check it out. I'm often asked how to do this and that, and this instructional manual covers most anything you'd like to know. I still refer to my Reader's Digest and Singer sewing books (my old go-to sources; we all have them, right?), but between our sewing dictionary and this online book, you should be okay. For example, here's the table of contents/chapter list:

  • Chapter One: Introduction To Sewing
  • Chapter Two: Choosing Your Pattern and Fabric
  • Chapter Three: Pattern Instructions
  • Chapter Four: Getting Ready To Sew: Lay-out And Cutting
  • Chapter Five: Setting Up Your Sewing Machine
  • Chapter Six: Now We're Sewing: Terms & Techniques
  • Chapter Seven: Pockets
  • Chapter Eight: Zippers & Buttonholes
  • Chapter Nine: Sleeve Installation
  • Chapter Ten: Darts & Pleats
  • Chart: Needle / Thread
Looking for someone to teach you to sew? The Home Sewing Association maintains a database of Trained Sewing Educators in your area.

Other options are your fabric stores, local 4-H resource people, church groups, local mentors and friends, and self-teaching by using patterns, the library, and the internet.

And if you have a chance, stop by your local library. In the nonfiction section, sewing books are in the 640 section (domestic arts), specifically the 646 section. Head for the children's department and browse through 646 for truly beginner projects. Don't laugh; that's one of the things I did to learn!

Enjoy sewing. Start small and aim high. There are no real rules, just methods. And even those are adjustable to your own talent and desire.

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