Saturday, January 22, 2011

Heart, knee, and pattern

I made another heart ornament today. This one was a little less scatterbrained, or is it me that was less scatterbrained? I put the ribbon hanger on it before I sewed the sandwich together and turned it, so it looks a little better than a hanger put on as an afterthought. Now I find myself looking for red trims - rick-rack, ribbon, etc., to use on them! Four more to go.

I ordered this pattern today, McCalls 5896. I like the necklines and the empire waist design, and it has several sleeve lengths to play with. Because of the design, it lends itself to playing with patchwork or block color designing. The capri pants are a bonus; I really picked this up for the top (see the drawing of the pink one on the upper right - that's the one that caught my eye).

I also purchased this one. It's from 1992, but the culotte and button down shirt appealed to me. I'm not sure I like the collar in the blouse, but it was a cheapie pattern, so I didn't feel like it was a huge investment if I wasn't 100% happy with it. With the pleats/tucks in the front, it does not lend itself to piecing, but there are enough pattern pieces that it could be done with more than one fabric if I wanted to get creative.

And on to the knee - The recovery from the knee replacement is going amazingly well in my opinion. Yesterday, I was able to put on my own sock on the left foot and today, I was able to put on and tie my tennis shoe. I also am riding 15 minutes on the recumbent bike in PT and making progress with my flexion and extension as far as angle measurements go. I will be seeing my doctor on Monday for a followup and will hopefully be allowed three more weeks of PT. I practiced clutch use movements in the car today and as that is my goal, I'd like to at least stay in therapy until I get my function to the point where I can drive my own car. I would also like to be released to walk in the pool and work on kicks that I'm able to perform with flippers and without. Overall, I have zero regrets. I have a scar that is absolutely beautiful. I have plans for this new knee!

I will sew again tomorrow - what will it be? A heart, the hexagon quilt, or will I break out the Smurfs quilt and work on that for a bit? We'll see!

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