Monday, January 17, 2011

Hexagon quilt - part 2

I work on my hexagon charm quilt every day and today, I made a decision.

We have so many blankets and sheets and bed coverings that we don't use or that don't match anything at all, many of which we don't remember acquiring!, and have been collecting these things for 20 or 30 years. Today, we made a pile and went through it. One item in the pile was an old store bought quilt. The pieced side has been falling apart and we stopped using it some time ago, but it's been living in my daughter's room just collecting dust. The batting is in good shape. The backing is in good shape. I did this once in the past, so decided to do this again - I'm going to use this old quilt as the batting and backing for the hexagon quilt. It's a ready-made completion piece, it guides me to the finished size of the top that I'm making, and it's essentially free. Why throw it away? Re-purpose it. Upcycle it. Reuse it. Recycle it.

I feel good about the decision and now look forward to continuing to sew and sew and sew until the hexagon top is done.

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