Thursday, February 3, 2011

Seasons Tree and Hexagons A-Go-Go

Hexagons - did you know they multiply at night when  you're not looking? I started another large block last night. The blocks are 10 hexies by 13 hexies. I'll connect the blocks after I have at least 12. Let's do the math here - 10 x 13 = 130 per block. At least 12 blocks is 12 x 130 = 1560 hexagons. Each one is made from a unique fabric from my own stash and from fabrics that people have donated. Jeepers!
More math - I'm doing a row of 10 per day on average. How long will it take to complete it? Too much, too much, too much! But that's why we do this, so we can sew. I don't do watching television with idle hands well. I don't do waiting for people having procedures or for flights to board or something similar with idle hands well. I never have. Hand sewing has helped maintain my sanity, including this hexagon fever quilt.  But I have to say, the first block looks amazing!

And today, I started decorating the February Season Tree. I have a few ornaments I've made and some I've bought. What am I doing in March? Another Jeepers! This is the beginning. I have more hearts to hang and think that in the future I may want some more beaded thingies.

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