Wednesday, August 16, 2006

School sewing!

How many of us remember sewing clothing for our kids when they were little? I have to raise my hand way up high for that. Years ago, boys were wearing "jams," those awfuly long shorts made out of the gaudiest fabrics available. I must have made 20 pair for each of my sons. My sons also preferred button down shirts, so I made them too. Easy stuff to do once you make a bazillion. My daughter, on the other hand, liked vests and artsy clothes; no dresses, please! I got to use my creativity and small amounts of fabric and time to put together outfits for all of them that they were just fine with wearing. I have fond memories of that first day of school, standing at the bus stop in front of the house with smiles on their faces. Later, though, they didn't want stuff that I made so much. But to this day, I still hear "Mom, can you sew this?" or "Mom, can you make this out of that?" or many variations of the same. As adults, I've made anime costumes, turned long pants into shorts, turned long sleeved shirts into short sleeved ones, made quilts and curtains, and a few pillows along the way. Some of it has been for college, some for moving into new apartments, some just because. In a way, I'll always be doing school sewing, eh?
Here's wishing you some fond memories in the making with your sewing machine and the first days of school again on the horizon.