Friday, May 20, 2016


It's been a busy time in the sewing room. It seems like there's always something to mend or to create or fabric that just needs to be looked at one more time.

My sister recently moved in with us and the sewing room is filled to the brim with boxes. Two days ago, I mentioned to my husband that I needed to create a path to the sewing machine and ironing board, that I was having withdrawal! We spent a productive 15 minutes moving things around, and voila! I was in business again.

I finished some brain and blood spatter potholders:

and started to work on a denim project I have going.

I took a quick inventory of my UFOs hanging around - a quilt for a friend's mother, a vest I've been designing; and some items recently finished - a doll outfit and vest made of M&Ms fabric, and realized I need to step it up!

There is always sewing that needs to be done. Or is there sewing that I want to do? Is there a difference?

The bottom line is that I'm glad I have access to my machine and have 1,000 ideas of what I want to put together.

Here's hoping your spring is filled with sewing ideas!