Sunday, January 15, 2017

Updated my Etsy page, Peter Max bags and stuff

I've probably mentioned that I've been collecting Peter Max fabric for years. I was a big fan when I was a teen and just started picking it up here and there whenever I saw it recently. Now, it's time to put it to use and pass it on to others. I had always planned on making tote bags. And so I did.

Feel free to have a gander at other views of the bags on my Etsy page:

I was sort of burned out on making tote bags, but these are a little different. They're lined and the pockets have a Velcro closure. They're a step above simple library bags like the ones I made for CDR. This is not another 100-bag project! Whew.

My favorite of the Peter Max fabrics is the flowery one shown below in the two alike bags. The circle fabric was trimmed out of a full sheet. I have several other designs I'll use eventually from sheets, pillowcases, fabric runs, curtains, etc., but for today, this is it.