Thursday, February 7, 2013

Been sewing a bit

I have a ton of Steeler fabric hanging around and it was time to put some to use. I cut out some emblems and pieced them together, than made a quilted potholder with InsulBrite, batting, and denim on the back. I used commercial bias tape for the binding. I have a bunch of that too. When that's gone, I'll go back to making my own. The potholder is about 8" square. I like to round the corners to make the binding a little easier. Is that a cheat? Maybe so :)

General instructions for making potholders can be found in our tutorial. 
This was a really quick project, but I felt good making it. I'm working on some Steeler mug mats similar to the Virginia Tech coasters/mug mats I made recently. These are about 5" in diameter and I used orange fabric to go with the Virginia Tech fabric and some M&M fabric for the back. There is a thin piece of batting in the center. You can learn how to make a mug mat using our tutorial 
I'm trying to get the puppy to understand that mama's gotta sew! She treated me to a lovely pose this evening to show me that she gets it.
Happy sewing! Be safe, my neighbors to the north. You're about to get slammed with a lot of snow, they say. I say it's a good time to cuddle up with your fabric and hand sewing if your power goes out, and if you do have power, hit the machine and do some quickie projects to keep your creative juices flowing.