Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A sachet you can make - giftie project!

We've posted another project from our days gone by on the web. This one is how to make a simple sachet. I used lacy fabrics over a solid fabric. I also used a leftover lace ruffle. These are filled with potpourri. You could use scented cotton or spices or leave them stuffed with scent-less fluff!

Above are the two from the tutorial, heart shaped, but the instructions are able to be adapted to whatever shape you like. I used to own SewingWeb.com (now defunct) and this is one of the projects I created way back then. Okay, it really wasn't all that long ago, but here it is - Sachet.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Smurf smock done!

I made this smock using a Smurfs sheet and a retro (late 60s/early 70s) pattern which I adapted.I think it turned out pretty cute!

I bought nothing, so the frugality aspect is covered. I used my creative juices when it came to trims and trim placement, and that was a very satisfying sewing experience. It took several days because I simply didn't have time to sit and sew. There were also a lot of pieces and the yoke, sleeves, and cuffs required gathering/ease to attach. The collar needs to be dampened and ironed one more time, but it looks pretty good.
I added a flowery trim down the sleeve and also across the shoulder seams. There is rick-rack in the collar seam and across the yoke in the front and back.
The buttons match the blue of the Smurfs (I need to move one of them just a hair to make them match up perfectly, though).
Overall, I'm pleased with it. I like the price! I haven't made a full garment item in a while, so it was actually quite fun. It made me want to go back to making clothing more often, even if it's doll clothes! Wait, maybe it's time to make something for me.
Now to find my Halloween fabrics and get started on those!

Friday, August 7, 2009

That derned serger!

I have a 3-thread Bernina serger (about 25 years old) that I adore. I replaced it once with a 4-thread Bernina, but chose to have the 3-thread tuned up and put back into service. When I did that, they lost my needle threader. If you know anything about your serger, you know you need that needle threader! I ordered another one that is a bit different hoping I'd never have to use it. I'm a firm believer in threading your serger by tying the new thread onto the remainder of the old thread and snaking it through. So, a week or so ago, a thread broke. AAAAAA. It was the looper thread that is hardest to get to and gives old sergers a bad name.
I had to thread it from scratch. I probably have done that twice in the last 25ish years! I tried to open the cloth guard and couldn't do it. I tried to thread the derned thing without opening the cover and couldn't do it. I went to consult the manual. I couldn't find it. It's been in my bookshelf for who knows how long, but it's not there now. Oh no. That would be too simple. I went online and ordered a photocopy of the manual. It came today and well, there it was, a clip that needed to be pulled back to open the cloth guard. Eureka!
It took 15 minutes more, but I got it done. I was almost ready to face the ridicule at the Bernina shop by taking it in to be threaded. But now, I sincerely rock. My serger is back in action - I faced the looper and won. Take that Bernina machine thingie!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sewing tonight!

I tend to work too much and sew too little. I have left my evening free for sewing. I will even move a small television into the sewing room/office and have the table ready for it. I have a child's blouse/smock cut out of Smurf fabric and am embellishing the sleeves with some retro trim and will use vintage buttons for the front. I have yet to cut out the pockets as I want to match the print of the fabric, so it will take some planning and fussy cutting. I also want to add a lining to the yoke, so will cut that out and incorporate it. I don't like leaving itchy seams on a kid's shirt. It feels good to be working on a garment. I have a lot of the Smurf fabric left, so I'll figure something out! I'm still using threads I have on hand and keep my serger threaded with off white thread; it seems to go with just about anything. Frugal sewing ... that's me!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Stop me before I make more potholders!

Surprise! I made more potholders. This time, they're very Smurfy. Eeeep! I again used recycled denim and this time did machine appliques of musical Smurfs backed with a Smurf mushroom house. The binding is bias tape made from the Smurf fabric too. These were essentially free since I had all the parts already. Truly frugal. And cute too!