Thursday, April 6, 2006

Sewing is everywhere.

I had the opportunity to go out this morning for a meeting that was totally not sewing related. As I began to talk to some of the folks also waiting for the meeting to begin, it turned out that the person sitting directly in front of me is running the local American Sewing Guild. Who knew? We talked for quite a while about sewing in general, body styles that suit particular clothing types, and over a short period of time, I signed myself up to go to the next ASG meeting! I had no idea we had a local guild. I'm excited. I'll be meeting people locally who share my love of sewing. They also do some charity projects that I'm interested in being involved with. And, I'll be around people who understand that I could never part with a single piece of fabric! Kinda like you and my friends on I told the woman that my license plate cays "I love Sewing" (using a heart for "love") and she got a chuckle out of that. Like I said, who knew? Sewing is indeed everywhere. Talk it up. You never know who is sitting right next to you when you're out and about.

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