Sunday, February 10, 2008

An art show here, a craft show there

I went to a craft show this weekend and now I'm thinking about selling at them again. My original intention when I started making 18" doll clothes was to sell them.
I wanted to make stock, enough for a year, so bought hanger, models, and started sewing. I ended up selling them one at a time on eBay instead.
Now I have the bug again. I want to get some clothes made and tuck them away. I love making vests and jeans, as well as dresses and accessories. I have more doll shoes than you can shake a stick at, and that would work too.
In the meantime, I've also been making bibs and potholders and doll quilts by hand. It's almost like I have more ideas in my head than I have time to make things. So maybe working on items and making them to sell later might be a good idea.

At the show I attended, there were people who had made socks, crocheted from plastic bag pocketbooks, and all sorts of other items, but nothing like I make. There were jewelry vendors, artsy clothing vendors (one that made kids' dresses out of tee shirts and cottons), and knitting items galore. And people were buying. I could do that!I have 20 projects started already and 6 potholders (Harley) done and ready to go. How to learn to be patient enough to hold onto items until I do a show is going to be a huge consideration, but I bet I could do it!
I have antique quilt tops that can be remade into potholders and Christmas stockings. Not to mention placemats!
Maybe it's time. Maybe it's time to get my act together and start making what I like to make and setting it aside.
Placemats and bibbies and quilts, oh my! Now I have to get kicking on this. I'm stoked.

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  1. Update to the craftie sewing. I got started on ham bag pillows yesterday. I'm doing everything but stuffing them. I got two made, one with a lacy ruffle and one with a ruffle that I made out of excess ham bag material. I'll post pictures when they're stuffed and ready to go. They take up a lot less room without the fiberfil!