Friday, July 25, 2008

About me

I'm an aging former hippie wannabe located in Williamsburg, VA, USA. I welcome you. Together and on our own, we can manage this disease and live long, healthy lives.

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  1. Good read! Been there and done all of that. I guess I still feel new to this disease and still occasionally pretend I don't have it, just as you described. I think, after two years now I'm actually beginning to wear the disease well. I've just had a few bad months and drove my A1c up to a 6.4 so I'm anxious to drive it back down below the 6% range. My first A1c at dx was 9.5 and my second was 5.6 three mos. later. So, also like you, I've been enthusiastic about eating right and taking my future health seriously. I'm really impressed with your determination and clear understanding of what is happening. Doing things right is harder than anyone could ever know! I wish you continued success. Barbara H