Saturday, December 27, 2008

Re-emphasizing an important piece of legislation that affects you

You can read the first post about this consumer safety law that goes into effect in February; it makes you a felon if you sell or give clothing for children under the age of 12.
There are several people feeling they will go out of business on that day. Are you one of them? Please educate yourself and rally - soem lobbying is in order. It's as if the government agency has said "You didn't bring enough gum for the whole class so no one gets to chew it." A blanket is being tossed over the home sewist's world and it's a very expensive one to remove if you have to test every single item you use. My question to legislators is - "If I purchase fabric and accessories that have been tested, why do I have to pay to have the finished product tested as well?" It's cost prohibitive and I doubt many people will be able to keep up.
Here is a good blog post from Zingo Tots.
For more comprehensive information, here is a Google search link to the topic.
Write to your local and state and federal lawmakers. This law is not necessarily a good thing the way it is written now.

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