Thursday, January 1, 2009

More important information about CPSIA

Etsy has a great article which you must read about this "safety" act. It affects you on a personal level if you sell anything that you have crafted for people or appealing to people under the age of 12. Click on the link above to see the story intact with hyperlinks to other information on the web:

Many members of the Etsy community have been involved in spreading the word about the impact the CPSIA might have on handmade and vintage toy and children's apparel businesses. Here at Etsy, we wrote an Open Letter about the CPSIA and invited Patricia Bittner, the Small Business Ombudsman at the Office of International Programs and Intergovernmental Affairs, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, to talk with our community in the Virtual Labs. Patricia passed on our requests to the proper people, but as of yet, not one has accepted our offer of a webchat. However, Patricia noted that the office has been getting many, many communications from small businesspeople on the topic.
The Washington Post reported  on the issue in Lyndsey Layton and Annys Shin's article, Toymakers Assail Costs of New Law: How Consumer Protections Will Be Implemented Is Onerous, Manufacturers Say. "While toy giants such as Hasbro and Mattel began changing their materials even before the law was passed, some owners of medium and small businesses say they do not have the time -- or the money -- to comply with the tough new provisions."
The Richmond Times reported small businesses' concerns about a lack of clarity regarding the enforcement of the law. The article, New Law May Hurt Crafters At Home, conveyed the crafting community's desire for exemptions. The newspaper noted that, according to Julie Vallese, spokeswoman for the Consumer Product Safety Commission, "There are exceptions to the testing rule for crafters making only one unique copy of each item."  Vallese also told reporter Sean Mussenden that "Small toymakers have inundated the commission with questions and complaints about the new standards."
Cecilia, of the and, is helping crafters and artisans get their voices heard. She is very active on the Alliance's Facebook Group (join the group here). We wanted to share some updates and deadlines via Cecilia:

Midnight, this Wednesday, December 31, 2008 is the deadline for the first round of voting on the site. If you haven't voted, please do, and pass the word on. Let's remain in the number one spot! Here's the link.
This coming Monday, January 5, is the deadline for comments to the CPSC. The CPSC has asked for comments regarding component testing and natural materials exemptions! This is our chance to speak directly to the CPSC and push them to include these important additions in the CPSIA/provide your personal feedback on anything that hasn't been touched on. Here is the link to the CPSC forms.

The blogosphere has been spreading calls for amending the CPSIA. Here are just a few posts:
BlogHer - The CPSIA puts handmade toys and kids clothes in danger of extinction. Like, soon.
Crafting in a Green World - Geppetto in Peril
The Twitter feed of Kathleen Fasanella at Fashion Incubator has all the latest news - and the Handmade Consortium will be updating a new blog section on the CPSIA topic. Click here for a whole lot more links.
Many Etsians have been sharing information via this thread in the forums.
Read our Open Letter about the CPSIA.
We wish everyone a safe, healthy, and productive New Year. Keep up the momentum!

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