Sunday, June 13, 2010

No Sewing for a bit!

I am in Phoenix for a bit, visiting my sister. She is having surgery on her eyelid tomorrow and I'm here in case she needs help. I'm sure she'll be fine and it'll go very smoothly. But I only have hand sewing with me, and that's difficult to work on because my right hand is not as keen on fine movements as it once was. I'll take the sewing with me to the surgeon's office and possibly work on it some; I can't not sew! I'm making a doll quilt/wall hanging that is a Cathedral Window design - muslin for the windowpanes and M&M fabric for the windows. It will provide a calm familiarity when I thread the needle and slip stitch the muslin frames and colorful M&Ms into the design. I'm working with a muslin that is heavier than I like. I mail ordered it. Let that be a lesson - you need to know what kind of muslin you want if you order online or you need to purchase it in person so you can touch it and know the feel.

I'll be out of touch until about June 30. I may take a trip to a local fabric store, but I really don't need any. I have more fabric than I could ever use. I'm sure I'll find something sewing-related to do while I'm out here, even if it's merely designing in my head or buying a pair of light denim jeans at a yard sale for my dark/light pillow projects.

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