Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hexagons! Knee progress! Life!

I've blogged so much about the hexagon quilt lately, but honestly, that's what I'm sewing these days. I spent a couple hours sewing individual pieces together to make rows and in a few days, I will put a few rows together and then, voila, there will be a whole 10 x 13 block done. It's a slow, but steady process.

My knee is almost fully usable! I am driving my car (with clutch) now and today I went to a real grocery store for the first time since 12/14.

 I worked concessions at the theater last night and watched the first half of 42nd Street (go tap dancers!!!). I'm beginning to live again and it feels good.

I plan to cut out a blouse this weekend and to make a commissioned pillow or two. I have one last Valentine's heart to complete. That should fill my sewing need for the weekend.

The Stupid Bowl is Sunday. I'll be moderating on ESPN a good part of the day, so it'll be a lot of "Steelers suck" and "Packers suck" and "Go Steelers" and "Go Packers" and lots of stuff in between. I have snack making plans that will take up the part of Sunday that is not working time.

A very exciting life!

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