Thursday, March 21, 2013

Potholder-palooza, rescuing dead pillows

So, I have this puppy. She's a delight, but she is still young enough to think everything belongs to her, including shoes, food, pillows, and anything else left on the floor or within her reach. She has an affinity for stuffed things and my sewing patterns. My sewing patterns! What makes them so derned interesting?

Interestingly, my last blog post was about turning a potholder fail into a pillow. And here I am writing about turning pillows into potholders. I sense a pattern emerging!

This is Abbey. She joined our family in November of 2012. She's my mischief maker.
This is Lindsey. She was with us for 10 years. I show you this photo so you can see one of the pillows that I spoke about above and you can see where the fabric for the potholders came from
Now to the potholders. Abbey decided yesterday that the pillows in Lindsey's picture belonged to her. She proceeded to quietly, systematically, one at a time chew the backs to bits. I was able to rescue the tops. The pillows were made from a vintage quilt top that I had bought some years ago as a cutter. My original intention was to make a vest, but there were too many holes in the quilt top. I was able, though, to make the four pillows. I was crestfallen to find the pillows in an after-dog-play state, but if you know me, it won't surprise you to see what I did with the quilt tops.
I took those lemons and made lemonade - potholders. I had a roll of 2" strips of denim, so decided to make a simple back with that. I cut down the pillow tops to 6-1/2" squares with rounded corners, added Insul-Bright batting for heat protection, and strip quilted the denim through all layers. I had some yellow bias tape left over from another project, so I added that by machine on the front side and am working on attaching it by hand on the back. They were photographed on some recycled denim placemats I made years ago and which were on the table and looked like they wanted their picture taken.

Yes, I have a puppy. Yes, she thinks the house is hers. Yes, she tears a few things up. But that won't get me down. I will turn trash into treasure whenever I can. And now, I have four potholders to give as a gift or to use. 

What have you rescued today?

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