Thursday, November 21, 2013

More pine cones and looking for a pattern

I am looking for a pattern - Simplicity 8618. Long shot, but if you happen to have one or see one or know where I can get one, I'd be ever so grateful.
Update: Found it! eBay, of course. (01/31/14)

So I made this little pine cone. I instantly became addicted. Totally addicted!
I made another one! and then another and another and another. I gave 5 to friends and have 3 left. 
I hope to make more. I have enjoyed using up all my brown scraps. I like the alternating colors of dark and light. And I figured out how to cover the bottom - I use a  textured felt that I found at Joann's. I just cut it in a sort of higgledy piggledy fashion and glue it to the bottom. 

There are directions all over the internet for making these fun pine cones. I have some sphere foam pieces to try making Christmas ornaments with folded fabrics. It's a fun and inexpensive way to spend some time with your stash!

Update (09/14): Found the pattern. Made a top. It wasn't as wonderful as I remembered it. 

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