Thursday, May 25, 2017

On Golden Pond - It's all over now

The show closed Saturday night. I have to say it was some of the best theater I've been involved in thus far. A local reviewer also reviewed me! Go figure. The costumer never gets mentioned:

The costumes followed the months as they flowed in time on stage. From long sleeves to short sleeves, and subtle changes along the way helped with the passage of time. Charlie, the mailman, wore a pith helmet per the director's suggestions. I found images on the internet, printed them on fabric, and stitched the patches to two shirts (one long sleeved and one short sleeved). Norman, the husband of the couple at the center of the play, was envisioned as a crusty curmudgeon with casual clothes save for the one scene where he needed a tie. For that one, I took a long sleeve Oxford and cut it down to short sleeved. We picked out a bright, salmon colored tie. Ethel, the wife, was seen as someone who would wear button up shirts over tees. She did switch to overalls for her strawberry picking scene. I wanted a floppy hat, but that idea was shot down. Chelsea, the daughter, was dressed in travel casual dresses, and at the end, she wore one of her own skirts and top. I saw the skirt on her at a rehearsal and it was perfect for her at-home wear toward the end of the show.

Bill, Chelsea's shy, dentist boyfriend, was seen to wear an Oxford shirt and tie. He was such a buttoned up character! I put him in a polo shirt for the end scene. Billy, Bill's son, basically wore his down clothes save for the fishing vest and hat I procured. I did have him scruff up his hair to look a bit more rambunctious. The telephone operator dressed herself. She also worked back stage, so hers was an outfit that needed to transition to black backstage wear easily.

Bill, Chelsea, Ethel, on meeting Bill.  

Billy going fishing. 

Better view of Billy's fishing vest.

Charlie and Ethel on porch. 

Charlie's short sleeve shirt. Ethel wore a different robe for the show that we had embellished to look like a frumpy, but strong woman's robe with ruffles. 

Meeting Billy. 

Chelsea's second look. The dress was hanging in the wardrobe rooms unfinished. I finished it and put the label in the front instead of the back. Oh well!

Norman's second shirt. A little warmer now, sleeves rolled up. 

Ethel's first outfit. 

Ethel's last outfit.

Bill ended up in a polo shirt at the end, not this button down shirt. 

Curtain call. Norman wore a dark blue windbreaker for the show and again, Bill wore a polo, not a button down. 

Norman's fishing outfit. Again, I took a long sleeved shirt out of wardrobe and cut it down to short sleeved.

Norman and Billy getting ready to go fishing, from the wings on a show night. 

I didn't really "make" any costumes for the show, but I altered a lot of what I picked out. I'm still not sure whether I like costuming or not, but for this show, I did!

I hope to work with this director again next season. We'll see!

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