Sunday, November 19, 2017

Something different - Peg racks anyone? Creepy stuff!

Over the years, I've collected a lot of stuff to make other stuff. I do have some stuff! One of the projects I've been mulling and collecting for is peg racks. The idea is to use doll parts creatively and see what happens! I'll put them up for sale on Etsy if they work out. Here are the two I'm working on now:

I didn't get a picture of this one from the front, but you get the idea. A $2.25 peg rack featuring a teddy bear head. But oh no, that's now how it will end up.

First step is to take the ears off and pull the pegs out. I won't be using them. Two more pegs to pull out and a little sanding, and I'm ready to turn this teddy bear into something creepy and functional.

This little shelf with 2 pegs started out as finished wood with a heart painted on it. I had another idea. I sanded and then painted the whole thing black , then tried to figure out how to do white strips on the flat piece on the back. After consulting a couple of art type people, I went with taping the whole thing off and spray painting the white stripes. Individual striping wasn't working like I wanted.

I really like the way the stripes came out. They're rough around the edges and remind me of BeetleJuice.

I don't want to give away what comes next, but it will tie the whole thing together. I painted the pegs black and will re-insert them when I'm done.

I have 100 ideas for my altered dolls and peg racks. I had the unfortunate luck to lose half of my work, so I have more time than ever to work on the crafty goodies. I'll definitely post more pictures of my creepy crafts along with my sewing.

Don't worry, I have 20 sewing projects to do too! I was able to rescue the fabric that I had used for the Williamsburg Players production of Dandelion Wine. I now have some black and some Halloween polka dot fabric to play with! I opened a new Etsy shop (link is on the side menu) and need to make some stuff to fill it up. I feel a set of placemats coming on!

Keep sewing. It's getting cold out there and more time to tend to our arts is the indoor gift that keeps on giving.

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