Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Hashtag Sewing

Visited Twitter today and found some fun #Sewing items. A lot of the posts are ads, but reading through, there's so much more. Here's a sampling from my travels today:

Look at this cute coat the @sablefedora made for his or her dog!

@JanomeAustralia says it best. 

@QuiltingProfits brings great quotes to the party often.

I'm a sucker for a tote bag and this one by @phildanmor caught my eye. Giddy up!

@bestsewingreview also posted several wonderful sayings. I had to follow this one :)

Feel free to follow me, though I don't post much sewing stuff, believe it or not.

ScrapStitcher - @Donna_Apperson

That's it for Twitter today! 

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