Monday, August 18, 2008

The overalls are done and here they are

Here they are, all done and ready to put on eBay. I started them at $35 as I'm never sure how much things like this will go for. I think they turned out pretty good!
Now to the frugal part - The patch on the bib was about $2. The vinyl is a small piece of a bigger piece I have that I use on Harley Davidson Christmas stockings. The bandannas I used for the embellishment are some I bought in bulk a long time ago to make potholders, which I have posted before. The trim was some I had from a yard sale that I've been saving. It's extremely old, but in very good shape, so why not use it? The overalls themselves were either free or about $2; I can't remember. I spent about 6 hours sewing and designing (designing mostly as I fall asleep at night, for real!), and loved every minute of it. It was fun deciding where to place what, how to problem-solve, and how to finish them off. It would be easy to go even more overboard than I did, but I felt like it was time to stop with the ruffles.
Get to work! Find something you can remake.

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