Friday, October 6, 2017

Hashtag Sewing 10/06/17

More from my favorite hashtag! #Sewing

@SewSarahSmith snitched this really cool cutter set from her husband. I have an Exacto knife that I use when making light switch covers. This kit, though, has a couple of handy blades that could be used for button holes. You can never have enough blades, right? 

 I'm loving @quiltingprofits daily quotes. It makes me feel better about my "creative mess."

Broken needles! Argh. I buy sewing machine needles in bulk for this very reason. Thanks for reminding me, @TheHomebirds, that I probably need more.

The sewing box that @VintiqueTree posted is exactly like the first one I ever had. I still have it, but the legs are gone. Alas, it's well loved. 

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