Sunday, October 1, 2017

Let there be music, or at least curtains for a musical classroom!

My friend, Jason, teaches music at a local elementary school. He texted me one day to ask if I could help make some curtains for his classroom. I asked him to take some pictures and show me what he needed.
These poor doors have had paper covering the windows for some years. Noooo, this will not do. 
This window by the front door had a black, blah, too long curtain and again, this just will not do.
Jason's first job was to buy some fabric. He also had some of this fabric in his stash and thankfully, with the bought fabric and the found fabric, it was just enough. And the print certainly goes with the theme of the room. Oops, pay no attention to the wayward thread on the fabric when I took the picture. 
Oh, "if you have any fabric left over, can you make a cover for my microwave?" Of course I can. This was made with some black fabric Jason had given me with strips of the music fabric that I had left over. It's kind of a wonky fit, but it looks good on the shelf! 
No more brown paper! 
The small panels turned out pretty much as I had hoped. They look much nicer than the brown paper. 
First fitting of the new curtain on one rod. Looks pretty good!  
Jason got his two rods and here's the final look of the insert curtain.  
Amazing things happen here - and the curtains look pretty amazing and on point. 
Another look from outside the classroom.

I hope Jason and his students can enjoy the look of the curtains for years to come. This was a simple, but satisfying project. I always like giving back to the schools. As a fun aside, I put the rod pocket on the wrong ends of the curtain by the door the first time and had to put new rod pockets on. For color and fun, I used a variegated rainbow color thread for accent and decorations on all the pieces. That also helped tie together the microwave cover with the curtains since I had to incorporate some black fabric. 

What's next? 

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