Thursday, March 19, 2020

Prison body - coronavirus quarantine style

I was listening to Bennington on Sirius yesterday and they were talking about how some people are taking the opportunity to work on their prison body while confined. It hit me as something worth considering. Why not use this time to lift weights and do some extra walking? It certainly is a time that
is the norm. This quarantine is putting us all in a big old pickle. So why not put it to good use? For today, this is the goal.

Eggs - none to be found in my stores. I asked my neighbor (who goes out often) to keep an eye out. I spent a good hour looking for and finding powdered eggs online in case this lasts a while and people keep hoarding. I was texting with Ronnie and mentioned eggs and he said they had 36. As we talked, he mentioned that Kroger had some earlier that day. I asked him to keep an eye out and give me a call if they bought extra. Stephen went out and checked the store and I got a text that said "come and get them." I drove to Richmond and got my eggs, took a walk, and visited for a little bit (at a distance), and headed home. I got a text from my neighbor and they had eggs for me too. So now, I have 5 dozen eggs and powdered eggs on the way. Argh. How does one plan in situations like this? You don't. You simply do what you gotta do and then bake if you have extra eggs, right? That might have to be goal 2 - bake chit.

I've doubled my efforts at staying home. I have dirt to plant things in, seeds to be the things I plant, and oodles of raking to do. I'll do some sewing today as well. My to-do list has the downstairs bathroom on it. Groan. Okay, I'll do it.

P.S. The new hoarded item is dog food. I have 2 bags on the way. Sigh. 

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