Sunday, March 15, 2020

Self quarantine day 2ish

Today, I'm baking. We're keeping an eye on the news. I'm checking stock to see what meals we have and we're fine. I can see that if we truly quarantine, we're going to run out of some things, but we're in good shape with other items. I went through baking supplies today and made cookies - took time, using up old pantry foods, and making a yummy snack to nibble on for the three of us. I took some next door and it was suggested I not come all the way in as Pat may have been exposed to others who may have been exposed. Doing our best to squash that curve, you know.

I'm not as concerned about me. I have sewing, gardening, cleaning, napping, dog stuff, television, Netflix, Amazon, Pogo, walking, the internet, books, etc., etc., etc. to keep me busy.  Really, that's not much different from my daily life.

What worries me now is when we start getting sick. So many people I know are convinced we will get sick and it will be a matter of degrees. I'm inclined to agree with that. There are so many other people who are living as if nothing is happening (again, we can't see, feel, or hear this crisis), and that concerns me.

This evening, it will be sewing and television. I'm good with that. 

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