Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Self-isolation continues

I have gone out a few times, with gloves and wipes, but at the moment, I'm done. My son bought chicken for me. I'll drive to Richmond tomorrow to get it and will freeze it when I get home. He put it in a separate refrigerator for me. I will also get gas - with gloves. This is just so fucked up.

Still cooking from scratch where I can and have a delivery from Publix coming today. My Whole Foods delivery was canceled (I had only ordered chicken). I have Food Lion coming tomorrowish. I'll get what I can.

I truly believe the worst is yet to come. I hear an asswipe legislator suggesting that seniors should die to make room for the young. That's paraphrased, but it's unforgivable.

I've been looking for things to do with eggs and quiche it is. Ronnie got me some pie crusts and I'll make and freeze them. I have a couple bananas that I'll make banana bread out of. I made it already and it was pretty good.

Maybe I'll make a cake:
In the end, we in this house will keep living as best we can. In my opinion, it's the time to take care of ourselves and keep moving. I'm at high risk because of diabetes. Winnie is at high risk because of COPD. Richard is still going to work. I can't stop him. He's being super careful. My kids are handling this in their individual ways. I have no clue what comes next.

Social distancing, that's what's for life. 

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